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Above the Gravel Pit

Object Name(s): painting
Artist or Maker: Carr, Emily
Date: 1936
Time Period Association(s): 20th century
Width: 98 cm
Height: 68 cm
Cultural Association(s): Canadian culture
Medium Description: oil
Supporting Material Description: paper
Credit Line: Anonymous Gift
Inscription: "GRAVEL PITS, METCHOSIN, B.C."/by/EMILY CARR JUNE 1936/Return to/Mrs. Hill Cheney/Capilano B.C. (above printed in black pencil in upper left corner) IV.322/"Miss Emily Carr....has found her own formula for the giant pines that smother the hill-sides and engulf the Indian villages of British Columbia. Her paintings are half symbolic and half representational. They are utterly convincing and completely independent of any tradition, Canadian or European. "She is at her best when she is working on a big scale. And her best is magnificent. If the word 'genius' (a word to be jealously guarded by the critic and used only on very special occasions) can be applied to any Canadian artist, it can be applied to her. She belongs to no school. Her inspiration is derived from within herself. Living among the moist mountains and giant pines of British Columbia, a country climatically different from the rest of Canada, she has had to invent a new set of conventions, a personal style of her own. Where the Eastern Canadians have been content to stylise the outward pageantry of the landscape, she has symbolised its inner meaning, and in doing so has, as it were, humanised it. Her trees are more than trees: they are green giants, and slightly malevolent giants at that. The totem poles she often paints are haunted by the Indian deities they represent. Her art is not easy to describe, and indeed her power can hardly be felt in the four works shown in London (Tate). It happens I saw over a hundred of her paintings when I was in Victoria. To see them was rather like reading an epic. Four short quotations cannot adequately represent the cumulative effect of the whole."/*--Eric Newton, Tate Gallery Show, 1938./Art Critic: - Manchester Guardian/- Sunday Times. (Above typed onto brown paper, glued to upper centre of backing). PRODUCER'S SAND & GRAVEL CO.'S PITS/South End Looking Towards Caravan -/METCHOSIN, B.C./JUNE 1936 (above printed in pencil just below typing) Exchanged Thursday Feb. 16 - 1939/to replace "Seaton - 1938" which was/purchased 26 March 1938/Destroyed by S. (above written in pencil in upper right corner)
Signature: (lower right corner, in ink); Emily Carr
Image Rights Statement: Copyright Canada
Image Rights Holder: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Accession No.: 1980.038.001
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